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Haslip announces Republican primary bid for District 1 state Senate seat
Local farmer wants to bring small-town values to legislature

LEWISBURG, MISS. — The proposed annexation being pushed by Olive Branch officials is nothing more than a “land grab” that will not benefit DeSoto County residents, Murry Haslip said Thursday while announcing his Republican primary candidacy for the District 1 seat in the Mississippi Senate.

“We do not need Olive Branch,” said Haslip, co-owner and chief operating officer of Allison Hay Farms. “Olive Branch needs us. The annexation is a pick-and-choose land grab to get the new exits off Interstate 269. Those exits are the reason the city wants to annex.”
The lifelong DeSoto County resident continued by saying, it is “unrealistic to think Olive Branch could provide us with better services” without costing taxpayers more money.
As a farmer who serves on the DeSoto County Planning Commission, Haslip said he felt compelled to jump into the state Senate primary race because he worries the city is forcing its will on county residents.
Haslip said as a state senator he will ensure District 1 voters come before any government overreach, whether it be by local municipalities or the Mississippi State Legislature.
He said he is also concerned with how any annexation will affect rural areas of the county.
“I am a farmer who values our community,” said Haslip, who is a member of the National Rifle Association and the DeSoto County Soil and Water Conservation District. “My faith, family, and friends are what is most important to me. I am an avid sportsman. I want our youth in the community to still have the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and hunting for years to come.”
Haslip, who also serves as a board member of the DeSoto County Farm Bureau, contends the people of District 1 need a state senator who will fight for what is best for the community even if that means pulling back the reigns of government.
“I want to be a farmer who brings common sense and small-town values to the Mississippi Senate, not a politician who forces government onto the people,” he said.
Haslip lives in Lewisburg with his wife, Katheryn, a teacher at Lewisburg Middle School. In addition to co-owning Allison Hay Farms, he is a partner at Vintage Home Builders and secretary of the Olive Branch Sportsmen’s Club.


Murry Haslip has always been Pro-Life.
“I am Pro-Life. I support the life of the unborn and always have. Life begins at conception and should be protected.” -Murry


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Lifelong DeSoto County resident Murry Haslip is ready to bring his strong work ethic and conservative values on behalf of District 1 voters to the Mississippi State Senate.

Haslip, the co-owner and chief operating officer of Allison Hay Farms, resides in Lewisburg with his wife, Katheryn, a teacher at Lewisburg Middle School. Haslipspends his free time in the outdoors and playing golf, as well as enjoying precious time with his family.  More..